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definition metaverse

Metaverse Definition

The metaverse is the technological, financial and physical framework which allows all online and offline worlds to (co)exist and seamlessly interact, including the rules and protocols that govern it.

The Army way: gearing up for today’s markets

We have an enormous pent-up demand coupled with erratic markets. Future business success will be defined by the ability to adapt, stay relevant and on-mission.
Instead of re-inventing the wheel, let’s have a look at existing solutions from an organisation confronted since years to similar conditions with even higher stakes.

Top 5 consumer mutations for 2020

The Top 5 mutations that changed the markets’ DNA

The real unknown going forward is the demand, whether channels, customers, consumers, voters… What will s.he actually do? How will s.he purchase/chose? Which variables did mutate, enough so as to make the usual recipes obsolete? What are the opportunities to build on this?
My shot at the top 5 mutations of your 2020s audience.