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“You Do You!” … and Then What Do You Do?

From the static image of “You do You”, to a more dynamic “Be what you Want to Be”.
To fight the sense of despondency of our times, we need to regain individual momentum and get that feeling of movement, drive and aspiration back. Dream bigger and repaint your new horizon.

feeling the void

Feeling The Void

We build our life up into something. Until we reach a point where it seems either meaningless, or overflows with needs. Life always seems to clank one way then the other, until the only way out seems to withdraw. Too much and not enough.

life is movement like an orrery

Balancing the Chaos

A balanced life is a happy life… Then Life happens. And we do not feel balanced, at all. I would like to counter with: “Life is Movement. Movement is Imbalance. Imbalance is Chaos. Life is Chaos. Accepting imbalance is the first step to true happiness.”