The Price We Pay

“You will pay for your choices!” We tend to look at our decisions and the price we pay for it in the rear-view mirror. What-ifs and regrets so often become part of our lives. What is the alternative?

this is not a pipe

This Is Not a Cat

I never really got Magritte’s most famous painting. Then, a picture of my cat went stratospheric on Reddit. It brought to me a realisation: I have been blind all along to the significance of Magritte’s work for today’s world!

ice skating child

Is This Child Labour?

We are outraged at 12-year-olds in mines. We cheer at a 12-year-old in a national competitive ice rink. What price are we ready to accept for entertainment?


Life, a Time Paradox

Logics tells us that time should be either linear, cyclical or circular. However, our individual experience tells us something different. We live both simultaneously and exclusively in linear, cyclical and circular timelines.