What’s going on?

When The Past Becomes The Future

The Past used to be carefully curated, enshrined, slightly dusty gallery of exhibits. While we tend to mesh timelines, it is more and more an open-air mine of ideas, choices, opportunities. Wrongly done, it could become a sterile endless loop of recycled ideas, done right, we can create new elements by recombining the essence of…

Hat Off To You, Suella Braverman!

Among the wreckage of the Liz Truss’s premiership, one minister not only left with her dignity intact, but she embodied the missing flavour of politics today: responsibility. The gist of Suella Braverman ‘s resignation letter? “The business of government relies upon people accepting responsibility for their mistakes. […] I have made a mistake; I accept responsibility: I…

Bring Out Your Coal Buckets This Halloween

Energy is now a luxury. The social and economic infrastructure built over the past 70 years is cracking at the seams. There seem to be no solutions offered, except to give up and go back to the Middle Ages. Europe is ungracefully aging.

I Am Irrelevant

What will the people think? What will they remember about me? A common worry, even when we don’t care. Maybe especially so. And if it is a worry, then we have to admit it has at least some importance in our life. I was recently discussing choice and end-of-life dignity. Mid-argument, someone threw on the…

Who? Me?

Political scandals come slushing down the hill like a mudslide. Affronted indignity seems to be the standard reaction of all politicians. And so, the public trust erodes even further.