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Metaverse and Value

The Metaverse and Value

To maximise revenue opportunities, core agreements on exchange values are needed that go beyond the financial instruments existing today. A present-day Bretton Woods conference to agree the basic principles and mechanisms of the metaverse in all its financial aspects.

access to the metaverse

The Metaverse and My Access

The metaverse will decide what you can do, where you can go and what you can see. It will make your reality tailor-made. It will set your access rights. As the metaverse will merge all digital and physical realities, checks and balances are needed.

You, Me and the Metaverse – part 2

Is the metaverse just a smokescreen for Facebook trying to divert from their whistleblowing scandal? Why bother about it at all?
The metaverse is not only a tech discussion. It has very far-reaching consequences for you, and me.

definition metaverse

Metaverse Definition

The metaverse is the technological, financial and physical framework which allows all online and offline worlds to (co)exist and seamlessly interact, including the rules and protocols that govern it.

The Army way: gearing up for today’s markets

We have an enormous pent-up demand coupled with erratic markets. Future business success will be defined by the ability to adapt, stay relevant and on-mission.
Instead of re-inventing the wheel, let’s have a look at existing solutions from an organisation confronted since years to similar conditions with even higher stakes.