Pro-Vax. Fully vaccinated. 

Pro-Test. Am testing before any party I attend.

Pro-Mask. Wearing a mask consistently since March 2020.

Pro-Corona Pass.



Anti-Travel ban.

I know the probability to carry Covid. I fully understand the impact and odds to end up in ICU. Our personal choices cannot put others in danger. Never. That is a basic principle of society. My freedom stops where others start. 100% agree. 

However. Curfew? Lockdown? Travel ban? Fully disagree.

With high vaccination levels, self-test kits, disinfecting and masks, we have the tools to protect ourself. 

If we can be trusted to vote, we can wrap our heads around the discipline of masks, tests, hand sanitation and vaccinations. If the discipline of masks, tests, hand sanitation and vaccinations is not clear to some people, it is for the governments and experts to improve communication. Transparent and honest communication.

Governments are enforcing policies, because they built a health care system with zero emergency buffer. 

We are two years later now. Why are the necessary capabilities to absorb a health care shock still not available? Why are there still not more beds in hospitals?

A successful company would not run their business with zero buffer nor without a contingency plan. Each year billions are pumped in our European healthcare system, which appears to be permanently under-resourced. 

Question. Is it a funding problem? Or is it a matter of lack of optimization and being top heavy? What is it?

Finally, some data coming from France. 

The French hospitals released their 2020 Annual Activity Report (ATIH report). In 2020, according to the data, only 2% of all hospitalised patients have been actual Covid patients. Only 2% were Covid patients. In 2020. In France. Do you understand this data? How to correlate 2% with the severity of lockdowns we observed?

Whether a misplaced sense of duties to society, badly run institutions or obsolete systems, the price is a lock on social life. Again. As an individual, maybe acceptable. As societies, unacceptable, except if you want to decouple an entire generation

The only thing that makes sense: Pro-Vax. Pro-Test. Pro-Mask. Pro Pass. Anti-Curfew. Anti-Lockdown. Anti-Travel ban.

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