The Why in MNOI

What is this all about? It’s a blog, that much is clear. But about what?
What are these guys trying to accomplish?

And what is the meaning of ‘Making Nonsense of It’ überhaupt?

The idea came a few years ago. Life was hectic then, a juggling act between work, family and social obligations. In between, you try to keep up with the news. You want to know what goes on in the world. Get the bigger picture really.
So, you read your news online, watch TV or listen to the radio on your commute.

Sometimes, though, some of these news stories, articles and sometimes even interviews, seem to be just …off. And you think: that was nonsense.
What you really would like is another perspective. A new angle perhaps to actually make sense of what you just heard. Too much information though, and so little time. So, life moves on.

That is why we started Making NonSense of It.

Our aim, you ask?
We want to propose new views, new angles, new perspectives. We strive to make sense of any event or news item that picks our fancy. The goal is to break down a story into its bare components and go back to the source material. Then reconnect the dots and propose to you a new angle.

So, why not calling this blog ‘making sense of it’? Because that would be nonsense too.

We do not try to think out of the box. We don’t believe in boxes.

And being too serious. We don’t believe in that too.

You be the judge.

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