My Life with a Tech Blogger

“Memes, fanboyz, 8ters and failz…”. That was the title of an article Pascal proposed for our makingnonsenseofit blog.

Sounded great. Very excited alright.
Didn’t understand any of it!

With the exception of, maybe, the Reddit crowd, who in their right mind can make sense of the following:

“Naturally, as is the eternal circle of life ™, you had memes (actually you may recognise some of them from previous games, including, but not limited to WoW, Lotro,…), conspiracy theories on why the servers were offline, … the usual lot. It could have been better of course if it would have been updated on public forums, but, hey, Roblox has no fan forums left, due to the players antisocial behaviour? Gotta say that there is nothing better to motivate the tech crew than spamming a game forum with “you guys just suck, I was about to kill the third boss”…  Yeah, well, it’s the internet, and a MMO at that! Anyone remembers why Lego Online shutdown? Ah yeah, because essentially they built a game where you could not talk to anyone… not. so. great. to create like, a community?”


Yeah… I know.

Apparently, this was only a fraction of what he was thinking about at that moment. A fraction! It took my entire brain capacity to just register what he was saying, and I am still stuck. Haha!

I do know now what he is on about. He sat me down and explained it.. slowly. 😉

Actually, this story pretty much gives me an insight into the world of people plugged into the internet all the time. Or most of the time. Whether you agree with being plugged-in or not, I do believe there is no choice, really. Think about it. You want to analyse a topic in an objective way. Your aim is to produce a quality answer.

Result? You will have to plough through a massive stream of data, across multiple sources from around the world. This obviously means reading all mainstream media and specialist articles. But then, in addition, you need to also go through all the relevant blogs and research papers. Across the different countries. Scrolling through all this information (and actually reading it..!) gives you access to a wealth of quality data. In return, this amount of data allows you to connect the dots. You take this mix and add to it the vast knowledge base accumulated over the years.

That is the basis of any article of makingnonsenseofit.

The flipside of this type of work is that you do get inundated with crazy memes, fake news, conspiracy theories, .. you name it.
As Pascal says: “It may be the most toxic lake on earth but let’s be honest,… the internet is fun!

So, guess what.. often, he is laughing his head off with things that totally escape me..
Pressure relief, I assume.

No wonder he only needs a fraction of his brain capacity for fanboyz &Co. The rest is for processing.

Maybe I am living with an AI?


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