Top 5 Consumer Mutations; 3 months in, the quarterly review

3 months ago, we identified the Top 5 dimensions, Trust, reality, Vision, Time and Space as the biggest mutations of the consumer landscape for the next decade. How are we doing so far? Any changes worth reporting? Time for a review!



The base of Authority continues to erode almost daily, whether in stocks, politics, economy, vaccines, health policies or tech; facts, figures, science, are just another opinion, or so it seems at least.

When the time will come to make decision or choices, only clear USPs will be considered.


You shoot to the moon with Dogecoin or Elongate as a private investor. You roll out digital currencies, yuan, euro or pounds as a state investor,… Audiences stopped listening when social and traditional media lost Donald Trump. To a large extent, media lost Trump, not the other way around!

Any further proof needed of this merging of realities, or that opposing “digital” vs “real” world, “reddit” vs “markets”, such as is heard often on CNBC (memestocks and assorted…), to the Canard Enchaine (*), is simply irrelevant?


So, WFH will not be an absolute, and will be balanced by the needs of socialisation, motivation, practical and operational needs; yet again, not either /or but a question of refined balance.

A window is open to reinvent office space; time to rethink the gimmicky “standing meeting rooms” maybe?



Apart from the briefest football revolution ever, sadly still a perceptible lack of vision, apart from the moonshots (literal or digital) mainly.

Time is just stretching itself, and the world is more and more waiting for an after with bated breath. Is it enough, should we not expect more? I know the markets will if we want to grab the pent up opportunities.




(* 21/4/2021 Front Page – “Twitter n’est pas la vraie vie – Twitter is not real life)

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